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Chapter 6 - Building Regulations







6‑1‑1           COMPLIANCE REQUIRED.  Every private residential swimming pool constructed, installed, and maintained hereafter shall comply with all applicable provisions of this Code.



          6‑1‑2           DEFINITION.  The term "Private Residential Swimming Pool" is hereby defined as a receptacle for water, or an artifi­cial pool of water having a depth at any point of more than three (3) feet, intended for the purpose of immersion or partial immer­sion therein of human beings, and including all appurtenant equip­ment, constructed, installed and maintained in or above the ground outside of a building used for a single family dwelling unit.  Provided further, that such private residential swimming pool is maintained by an individual primarily for the sole use of his household and guests and not for the purpose or in connection with any business operated for profit.



6‑1‑3           LOCATION.  No portion of a private residential swimming pool may be located on any side yard within the Village.  Any pool, regardless of its depth and construction, may only be permitted in the back yard.  Application may be made for side yard installation of pools, however, the side yard installation shall require a special permit and said pool shall be located no less than eight (8) feet from the side boundary line of the lot or premises.  Pumps, filters, and pool water disinfection equipment installations shall also be located not less than eight (8) feet from any side or rear property line.



          6‑1‑4           PERMIT REQUIRED.  It shall be unlawful to proceed with the construction, installation, enlargement or alteration of any private residential swimming pool and appurtenance within the Village unless permits therefore shall have first been obtained.  The cost of said permit shall be a one-time fee of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00)(Ord. No. 15-1453; 04-28-15)



6‑1‑5           TYPE OF POOLS.  All in-ground private, residential swimming pools must be completely enclosed by a fence with a minimum height of four (4) feet and equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices placed at the top of the gate so as to limit access to the pool area.  Said pools shall be located no less than eight (8) feet from all property lines and shall also comply with the current Zoning regulations with respect to percentage of use of the lot.

          6‑1‑6           FENCES.  All private residential swimming pools shall be completely enclosed by a fence erected along the periphery of the pool walks.  All fence openings or points of entry into pool area enclosure shall be equipped with gates.  The fence and gates shall be constructed of a decay or corrosion resistant material and be four (4) feet in height.  All gates shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices placed at the top of the gate and made inaccessible to small children.  All fence posts shall be decay or corrosion-resistant and shall be set in concrete bases.  Said pool shall comply with the Zoning ordinances with respect to percentage of lot usage as contained therein.  (Ord. No. 12-14-29; 06-19-12)


(Ord. No. 06-1363; 05-23-06)