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Chapter 17 - Gas System







17‑1‑1        APPLICATION FOR GAS PERMIT.  No person shall take any gas from any main, pipe or other part of the Village's Natural Gas Transmission Line and Distribution System, except upon application to the Village and issuance by the Village of a permit in accordance with the provisions of this Code, and no permit shall be issued for any gas supply or service unless the same is measured through a meter in accordance with the provisions of this Code.

          (A)               Filing.  Each applicant for gas supply or service shall file with the Village an application in writing, setting forth the name of the applicant, the location of the premises for which the supply or service is sought, the name of the owner of the premises, the nature and size of the proposed service and the proposed use thereof.

          (B)               Issuance.  Upon receipt of an application as provi­ded in this Section, a permit may be issued by the Village for the installation of gas service and for the supplying of gas in accor­dance with the provisions of this Code, but no permit shall be issued to any applicant while he is in default in the payment of any past due account owing to the Village for a gas supply or service or installation theretofore rendered or made.

          (C)               Fee.  Upon approval of an application for natural gas service, a fee for connecting into the Village's gas main shall become due and payable to the Village Comptroller. The fee shall be equal to the Village's actual cost as determined by the Village of installing a connection from the main to the appli­cant's meter.

          (D)               Any gas account that is past due for forty-five (45) days is subject to disconnection.



17‑1‑2        DEPOSIT.  A deposit is required to be paid as a condition for the installation of gas meters. The amount of deposit shall be as follows:


Residential ‑ For Meters Connected to 3/4‑inch or Smaller Lines:




This meter deposit charge shall be deposited in the Natural Gas Meter Deposit Fund and in the event any customer discontinues service and has paid in full all amounts due for gas or service charges, then the full amount of the deposit shall be refunded. However, in the event that any amounts are due from said customer, either for gas or service charges, then such amounts shall be deducted and paid into the proper fund and the balance shall be refunded.

Any customer who has paid all amount due within the specified period for a period of two (2) years shall, upon application to the Village, be refunded his deposit.



17‑1‑3        SERVICE DISCONTINUED AND RENEWAL THEREOF.  The Village reserves the right, at any time, to refuse any gas tap or service connection with the natural gas system of the Village whenever the Village Board shall determine that the supply of natural gas to the Village is insufficient. The Village may elect at any time it deems proper that all future gas tap or service connection with the natural gas system of the Village shall be on a limited or restricted basis. The Village, in that event, may issue orders for gas tap or service connection for space heating. Any person, firm or corporation to whom a restricted order for gas tap or service connection has been issued is thereby expressly prohibited from using such gas tap or service connection for space heating.

          No customer of the natural gas system of the Village shall install or connect any appliance or facility to their house piping system, nor shall any customer of the Village may any change in their existing appliances or facilities without first securing a written permit from the Village.

          The Village reserves the right to discontinue gas service to any premises on account of non‑payment of charges or where the owner or tenant of such premises has been found guilty of a violation of any of the provisions of this Chapter. The Village agrees to discontinue gas service to any premises upon request of the property owner. The Village, in discontinuing gas service, has the option to remove or shut off the meter to such premises.

          A property owner seeking restoration of gas service shall contact the Village as for a new service. Gas service shall not be restored unless the Village has been paid.

          (A)               All delinquent gas charges or otherwise provided for payment.

          (B)               All monthly facility charges while the service was disconnected, but not to exceed twelve (12) months and a reconnec­tion fee.  The reconnection fee is One Hundred Forty-Five Dollars ($145.00) if the meter has been removed. If the meter has been simply shut off, the reconnection fee is Twenty‑Five Dollars ($25.00).



17‑1‑4         COST OF GAS.  Any increase in the cost of gas charged to the Village by its pipeline supplier may be passed on to all customer rates for cost recovery. The Purchased Gas Adjustment shall be determined by computing cost of gas using new rates and historical gas sales in customers to determine the Purchased Gas Adjustment charge. Changes shall be made immediately upon the pipeline change becoming effective. In the event that (1) the rates of the pipeline supplier become effective retroactively, or (2) for any reason, the Village has been unable to recover charges in cost of natural gas subsequent to the date of this Chapter, then the amount of any deficiency shall be applied uniformly and directly to the next following twelve (12) months of gas sales or until such time as the deficiency has been recovered, whichever occurs first.

17‑1‑5        AUTHORIZED RATE CHANGE.  The rates for gas services prescribed in this Chapter may be changed by the Village at any time and the Village shall not be deemed to have contracted with any customer to maintain such rates for any period of time whatever.



17‑1‑6        FUNDS; RECEIPTS.  The Comptroller is directed to issue receipts for all money received under this Chapter and to keep a record of all monies obtained from the regulation of this Chapter in a separate fund and to deposit the fund in the designated depository for the Village.



17‑1‑7        METER FAILURE.  If, at any time, a meter fails to register the quantity of Gas, the quantity shall be estimated and then the charge to be made shall be based on the average quantity registered during the period of time prior to the date of failure which is reasonable and comparable to the period in which such failure occurs.



17‑1‑8        UTILITY BILLING PROCEDURES.  The provisions of Chapter 38, entitled, "Water System" and the administrative and billing procedures contained in Articles I and II shall be applicable to the Gas Distribution System.

          In regard to Section 38‑2‑1(H), paragraph (2), the following shall be applicable with the following addition thereto:

          "Notwithstanding a decision of the hearing officer, service may not be terminated on any day when the official Weather Bureau forecast is for a temperature below twenty degrees Fahrenheit (20ºF) for the next twenty-four (24) hours.  Neither may the service be shut‑off the day before a holiday or weekend when the official forecast calls for a temperature below twenty degrees Fahrenheit (20ºF).



17‑1‑9        CHARGES FOR GAS USAGE.  There shall be and there are hereby established monthly rates and charges for the sale of natural gas and for the use and service supplied by the natural gas distribution system of the Village, based upon the amount of gas consumed as shown by the gas meters.

          (A)               Rates and Charges.  The gas rates and charges are as follows:

          Gas rates shall be based on the actual per therm cost charged to the Village plus operating expenses and replacement cost, with a minimum per month base rate of Three Dollars ($3.00).

The Gas Charge, Operating Expense Adjustment, and Taxes and implementation of the Temporary Adjustment Account, when applicable, are to be added to or deducted from the above rates. Those items are identified as follows:


          (B)               Gas Charge.  The foregoing and any other rates shall be adjusted on each billing based on the actual cost to the Village.  The result shall be known as the "Gas Charge".

          (C)               Operating Expense Adjustment.  Any changes in opera­ting expenses (in addition to changes in cost of gas and taxes) shall be passed uniformly and directly to all bills rendered after such determination has been made by audit or by the Board of Trustees. The determination shall be made by using the latest fiscal audit report with the "Base Operating Expenses" being those Operating Expenses.  Changes in operating expenses shall be limited to the following:

(1)      Demonstrate changes identified in the fiscal reports of the Village.

(2)      Changes in wages, salaries, payroll or payroll expenses applicable after they have been put into effect.

(3)      Direct and permanently continuing costs over which the Board of Trustees has no control.

(4)      Replacement cost factor based on projected upkeep, maintenance and expansion.



17‑1‑10      SPECIAL RATES.  Special rates for natural gas service may be made from time to time by separate contract with special users upon such rates, terms and conditions which, to the Board of Trustees may be prudent, profitable and the best interest of the natural gas system of the Village.




17‑2‑1        TAMPERING WITH LINES.  It shall be unlawful for any person to move, replace, tamper with, or interfere in any manner with any gas main, pipe, meter or other part of the Village's Natural Gas Transmission Line and Distribution System without a permit therefor as provided in this Code.



17‑2‑2        OBSTRUCTIONS.  No person shall, in any manner, ob­struct or permit, or cause to be obstructed the free access of any officer or employee of the Village to any valve meter, shut‑off box, or connection with any gas main or service pipe by means of any coal, lumber, brick, building material, or by any other means, shift or device whatever, or refuse or prevent free access thereto by such officer or employee whenever such officer or employee shall desire access thereto in the performance of his duties. The officers of the Village and any and every person delegated or authorized by the Village for such purpose shall have free access to all and any part of any building, structure, or of examining the taps, pipes, and fixtures therein. Any person in possession, charge, or control, or any such building, structure, or premises onto which such officer or employee shall desire to make entry or to have access for the purpose herein specified, who shall refuse to permit such entry or access, or who shall do or cause to be done any act or thing for the purpose of preventing such entry or access, shall be deemed to be guilty of a violation of this Code and shall be punished as herein provided.



17‑2‑3        ENFORCEMENT BY SUPERINTENDENT.  The Superintendent of the Gas System shall enforce the provisions of this Code and shall, in the name of the Village, receive applications for gas supply or service and issue permits therefor as provided herein.



17‑2‑4        TAP‑IN CONNECTIONS.  Taps and connections to mains or any part or portion of the Village's Natural Gas Transmission Line and Distribution System shall be made only by the Village and shall be made in accordance with such reasonable rules and regula­tions as may be prescribed by the Village. The letting of gas to and the turning off of gas from all buildings, structures or premises and into and from all connections and service shall be under the exclusive control of the Village and no plumber or other person shall let gas to or from any service or connection for any purpose whatever without permission therefor.  (See Section 17-2-18)


17‑2‑5        SEPARATE METERS FOR EACH DISTINCT BUILDING OR DWELLING UNIT.  No person, firm or corporation shall connect any gas service line or transmit gas supplied by the Natural Gas System of the Village into more than one distinct building from one meter. A garage or similar outbuilding shall be considered a distinct building. Apartment buildings having separate dwelling units may be serviced from a single meter. Duplex dwellings shall be served from individual meters. The Board of Trustees shall have the right to establish special services or service connections as may be necessary for large users.



17‑2‑6        DAMAGE: METERS ‑ OTHER EQUIPMENT.  All meters, pipes and other equipment which are installed by the Village shall be and remain the property of the Village and consumers using the same shall be responsible for the safekeeping thereof. If any meter, pipe, or other equipment, which is installed by the Village shall be damaged or destroyed by any cause which could have been prevented by the exercising of ordinary care and caution, and in such case, the cost of repairing or replacing the same shall be charged to and paid by the consumer responsible therefor.



17‑2‑7        AVAILABILITY OF SUPPLY.  If, at any time and for any reason, the volume of gas available for delivery by the Village is not adequate to supply all the demands on the Village, the Village shall have the right, upon such notice as is reasonable under the circumstances, to reduce or discontinue the delivery of gas; first, to its medium commercial users; next, to its small commercial users; and finally, to its residential users. Such reduction or discontinuance, as the case may be, shall continue as long as such shortage of supply exists. Notice of reduction or discontinuance of delivery shall be given to users on a reasonable nondiscriminatory bases. Whenever notice is given by the Village to any user to reduce or discontinue his use of gas, he, such consumer, shall comply therewith until he, such consumer, is notified by the Village that such shortage no longer exists. If any user fails to reduce his use of gas in compliance with any notice to him to do so, the Village may completely discontinue supplying gas to him while such shortage continues.

          For the purpose of this Section, but not as a limitation thereof, the Village's supply of gas shall be deemed to be inadequate if and to the extent that the total demands on it exceed the Village's contract demand under its contract with its supplier.



17‑2‑8        VILLAGE NOT LIABLE FOR INTERRUPTION OF SERVICE OR SUPPLY.  The Village shall have the right to shut off the supply of gas whenever it is necessary to make repairs, improvements, enforce rules or for any operating reason. In all cases where possible, a reasonable notice of the circumstances will be given to the customer, but in an emergency or discovery of an unsafe condition, the gas may be shut off without notice. Such necessary repairs or work will be made by the Village as
rapidly as may be practical. The Village shall not be held responsible or liable because of any shutoff or discontinuance of service for any direct or resultant damages to any person, company or customer.

          In the event of such discontinuance of gas service, the Village will make every attempt to safeguard the customer and service shall not be renewed until the Village authorities have purged the lines and put into service all automatic controls and pilots. The cost of purging of lines, relighting pilots, and checking automatic controls will be borne by the Village and the customer will not be liable for any portion thereof. Where the nature of the customer's operations are not such that an interruption of service might create a hazard or large economic loss, such customer shall provide facilities for standby service if desired.

          Whenever mains, pipes, service connections or other facilities of the gas system are taken up, shut off or interfered with by reasons of any Village street improvement, the Village will endeavor to maintain service so far as is reasonably possible, but will not be directly or indirectly liable for any interruption, poor pressure or damage of any kind, either to the customer adjacent or to other customers affected thereby. Direct damage to property due to such operations shall be either repaired or replaced by the Village without cost to the consumer.

          The Village expressly stipulates with all customers and other persons who may be affected by the discontinuance of service that it will neither insure nor be responsible or liable in any manner for any loss or damages direct or indirect by any reasons of any fire or any other cause, and all gas service furnished shall also be conditional upon acts of God, inevitable accidents, fire, strikes, riots, or any other causes.



17‑2‑9        PRIVATE LINES, GENERAL RULES, REGULATIONS.  No private connections shall be made with any private service or customer‑owned lines. Private service lines or customer‑owned extension of service are prohibited.

          The Village shall have the right and option to demand changed, removal, or replacement of any pipe, fixtures, or apparatus which is considered to be faulty, inadequate, or hazardous, provided, however, that this provision shall not obligate the Village in any way or manner. The cost of the above work shall be fully borne by the property owner.

          All persons are strictly forbidden to attach any electrical ground wire to any fixture or piping which is or may be connected to any gas service pipe, meter, or main belonging to the Village. The Village will hold the owner of the premises responsible and liable for any damage to its property or injury to the employees of the Village caused by such ground wire. All persons shall remove any existing ground wires immediately and if such ground wires are not removed after twenty‑four (24) hours written notice, the Village, through its officials, may enter the property and remove such ground wires and the customer shall pay all costs. All questions and complaints shall be made in writing to the Gas Department of the Village for proper investigation. The Department shall make a report to the Village Clerk who, in turn, shall report to the Board of
Trustees at the next regular meeting. All employees of the Village are strictly forbidden to demand or accept any tips, gratuity or other personal compensation for any service whatsoever which is rendered during working hours.

          Any customer‑owned lines which are required to be operated and maintained by the Village shall be subject to a monthly charge covering such operation and maintenance. Said charge shall be an additional monthly amount equal to the Facility and gas charge at the time of billing.




          (A)               The responsibility of the Village for maintenance and safety of natural gas piping terminates at the outlet of the meter except for residential customers where the meter is located more than three (3) feet from the outside residential wall in accordance with Illinois law.

          (B)               All house or mobile home piping shall be of rigid construction.  The pipe from the outlet of the meter shall be black iron not less than one (1) inch inside diameter and shall enter the outside vertical house wall or mobile home skirt. The pipe shall be secured or anchored by means of a suitable metal strap or clamp at a point not more than eighteen (18) inches from the meter outlet and shall be fastened to the wall at intervals sufficient to make the pipe rigid throughout. All piping from the meter shall be securely fastened so that the pipe will not turn when fitting are installed at or near the meter. The final tie‑in of the gas line to the meter shall be made by the Village.

Gas will not be turned on to any customer manifold that has not been first air tested for leakage at one psig or more by the applicant or his agent and subsequently checked by the Village. Testing must be done as a completed system. No partial or temporary service permitted. All tests shall be held for observation by the Village gas employee.

          Customer connections between the meter and the outside residential wall are prohibited excepting for individual lines to serve gas grills or gas lights.

          (C)               The Village does herewith adopt as its rules and regulations the safety practices set forth by the National Fire Protection Association, in the latest revision of the National Fuel Gas Code, NFPA 54, as though those provisions were fully repeated and set forth herein so far as they are not inconsistent with this Code.  In the event of conflict, the more restrictive language shall apply. NFPA 54 is the National Fuel Gas Code.  Any person, firm or corporation installing fuel gas piping or appliances within the gas service area of the Village shall avail themselves of said Code prior to the undertaking of any such installation and shall follow it.

          (D)               No surface may be constructed or placed over a gas service line or main which may produce a seal to a building wall or foundation or which may obstruct ready‑access for repair or replacement.


          (E)                All buried natural gas piping facilities owned or served by the Village and distribution appurtenances shall conform to the latest revision of NFPA 54 and the Minimum Federal Pipeline Safety Standards Part 192 CFR 49 as though fully set forth herein.  The Minimum Standards shall apply equally to private buried facil­ities and distribution appurtenances.  NO natural gas piping may be placed or remain beneath any building or sealed surface except in a specified vented casing.

          (F)                No meter, regulator, or any part of a meter Village­ owned setting may be painted or otherwise coated by a customer without written approval of the Utilities Superintendent on a case‑by‑case basis. Special coatings are required to prevent shorting of insulators.

          (G)               The Village shall not "approve" customer piping, which as used herein means piping beyond the outlet of the meter.  The Village may refuse connection or discontinue service upon discovering any conditions which may be in violation of this Code or which may create any type of safety hazard, including venting.

          (H)               Heating plants and water heaters shall be connected to gas piping excepting where an AGA‑listed flexible connector is furnished by the manufacturer as part of its installation design.  AGA‑approved appliance connectors may be used only on ranges, clothes dryers or built‑in ovens.

Sweat fitting shall not be used anywhere in the gas piping.

          (I)                All gas conversion burners to be installed shall be AGA‑listed and approved.  All designed heating plants shall be AGA‑listed and approved and the manufacturer's recommendations for the installation shall be followed.

          No conversion burner shall be installed in an old or ineffective furnace or a boiler which is in poor repair. Test for leakage shall be conducted by the installer in an approved manner before placing a conversion burner in a warm‑air heating plant.

          (J)                No alteration, repair, adjustment, customer relight­ing, any applicant work or piping work shall be done by Village forces beyond the outlet of the meter except to the extent that it may be required for purposes of safety only.  This prohibition shall apply to L.P. conversions.

          (K)               No unvented gas appliances excepting kitchen ranges, clothes dryers and refrigerators may be installed or operated within the Village.

Safety shut‑off devices to protect either supply gas or venting failure shall be installed and subsequently tested for proper operation by the installer. Written documentation of the test may be requested. These devices shall be used when approved for or furnished with new heating equipment.

          (L)                Decorative or supplementary appliances shall be properly vented in accordance with NFPA 54.  These include but are not limited to gas logs and gas log lighters. At any time such units are installed in wood burning fireplaces, special action must be taken for permanent modification of the flue damper.  Positive assurance must be provided that the damper cannot be fully closed. A permanent hole must be cut or a positive stop attached even if the unit has a safety pilot. The size of this opening shall be in accordance with the table in NFPA 54 titled "Free Opening Area of Chimney Damper for Venting Flue Gases from Unlisted Decorative Appliances for Installation in Vented Fire­places". All other provisions for safety must be observed.


          (M)               The Village shall be notified of any changes or alterations, remodeling or reconstruction, affecting gas piping in any building, house or grounds.  This shall be done using a new "Application for Gas Service" or by amending an existing applica­tion.



17‑2‑11      RULES TO BECOME PART OF CONTRACT.  All the rules and regulations concerning the use of the facilities the natural gas system of the Village and the consumption of gas therefrom shall become a part of the contract with every gas customer, and every gas customer shall be subject thereto and bound thereby.



17‑2‑12      EXTENSION OF GAS MAINS AND SERVICE.  The Village shall not be required to extend service within the Village limits a distance of more than one hundred (100) feet per customer and only then when sufficient funds are available in excess of those required for the proper operation of the system. Extension of mains and service outside of the Village limits shall be subject to approval of the Board and shall also be subject to all of the rules and regulations and provisions as provided herein or as may be amended. All mains, lines and equipment shall immediately become the property of the Village.

          Where service is desired when funds for extensions are not available and/or when the distance is in excess of the one hundred (100) feet per customer noted above, such extension can be made if the applicant will deposit with the Village the estimated cost of making the extension, less one hundred (100) feet when funds are available, or the entire amount when the funds are not available. The amounts so deposited shall be refunded to such consumer or consumers at the rate of Ninety Cents ($0.90) per Mcf. annually until the total deposit has been refunded or until eight (8) annual payments have been made, whichever event occurs first.  Such deposit shall be interest free. In the event that the amount deposited is greater or less than the actual cost of the extension, such excess or deficiency shall be corrected prior to giving service.

          Deposits made under the provisions of this Section shall not exempt the application from the payment of all other charges required by this Chapter.

          Amounts received by the Village for such extensions shall be deposited in the Meter Deposit Fund and payments for refunds shall likewise be paid from the same fund.




(A)               It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corpora­tion or customer to break the seal of any meter, or in any manner, to make any alterations, changes or repairs on the same or to open any mains, laterals, service pipe, stopcocks, valves, or any part thereof or otherwise tamper with or attempt to do any work on either or any
of them without written authority of the Village, or its properly authorized agent. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this Section, or who shall willfully or mali­ciously injure or damage any property connected with the Gas System of the Village shall be subject to the penalty hereinafter prescribed.

          (B)                No customer shall be permitted to use the stop cock of the service connection for shutting off gas while making exten­sions, additions or repairs to the pipe or equipment on the pre­mises. Such shut‑off or discontinuance or interruption of service shall be made only by properly authorized employees of the Vil­lage.

          (C)                Tampering shall include any type of confinement, enclosure, covering over, surface sealing or changing of the environment relative to any parts of the gas system or equipment of the Village.  Such tampering shall become the liability of the customer who shall pay the Village the actual cost of removal, repairing and/or replacing equipment or material.



17‑2‑14       TRANSFER OF GAS SERVICE.  Gas service may not be transferred from one premises to another by any user. The availability of service at any location is dependent upon the availability of natural gas in the Village and its rules in effect at the time of a request for service at any premises.



17‑2‑15       GAS COMMITTEE.  The Mayor shall appoint a committee of three (3) members of the Board as a Gas Committee, one of whom shall be appointed as Chairman. It shall be the Gas Committee's duty to confer with the duly authorized agent appointed to operate and maintain the Gas System and to institute such additional rules and regulations for the operation of the Gas Department as may be required for its efficient operation from time to time. All action of the Committee shall be subject to the approval of the Mayor and Board of Trustees.




(A)                Plans for sanitary sewer work or water main work which include trenching, must include the general location of all natural gas service lines and mains which cross the construction or are located within ten (10) feet of the outer limits of the proposed trenching.

          (B)                A pre‑construction conference must be held not less than two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of trenching work and minutes of that conference must be maintained in the permanent records of the gas utility.

          (C)                The pre‑construction conference mentioned above should be attended by the Superintendent of the excavator and by the Gas Superintendent.

          (D)                A written request for surface marking must be deli­vered by the excavator to the Superintendent of the Village's Gas Utility not less than two (2) full working days prior to the initiation of excavation.  This is in addition to the required notification of the state‑wide one‑call system.

          (E)                Gas facilities to be exposed by excavations or near excavations shall be specifically identified to the Superintendent of the Village's Gas Utility by the excavator
twenty‑four (24) hours in advance of the time that such facility or facilities will be exposed.

(F)                The excavator shall report any incident in which gas facilities are accidentally exposed but not damaged to the Super­intendent of the Village's Gas Utility not less than two (2) hours following such accidental exposure of facilities.

          (G)                A qualified employee of the Village's Gas Utility shall be present at the site of any excavation occurring within ten (10) feet of any gas service line or other gas facility.

          (H)                The cost incurred in providing the qualified Village employee described above shall be paid by the excavator at actual cost of the Gas Utility of the Village.

          (I)                 The excavator shall be fully responsible for trench settlement after construction as well as shoring, bracing and full support of the entire length during construction.



          17-2-17       CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION EXCESS FLOW VALVES.  The Village in accordance with the Minimum Federal Pipeline Safety Standards 49 CFR 192.383 hereby provides notification that an excess flow valve meeting the performance standards of 192.38 is available and for installation and shall be the responsibility of the customer.

          Excess flow valves are designed to shut off the flow of natural gas should your service be severed.

          The interruption of gas service may be caused by natural disaster, ground movement or third party damage.

          The cost to install such a device is Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00) for three-fourths (3/4) inch steel service lines.  Other sizes will be provided on an as requested basis.

          The customer will bear all costs associated with the maintenance and replacement of such device should you request it to be installed.  The estimated replacement cost is Four Hundred Fifty Dollars ($450.00) should it be requested.




          (A)                The Village shall make all connections to gas mains, install all service lines, and provide the meter and all labor and materials (at the property owner’s expense) necessary for said installations.  Service line installations shall be completed in a workmanlike manner.

          (B)                The final tie-in for the gas line to the outlet side of the meter shall be the property owner’s responsibility and must be completed in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the National Fire Protection Association’s most recent edition of NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code, which is incorporated by reference and made a part hereof to the same extent as if fully set forth herein.

          (C)                All customer piping and necessary venting of appliances shall be in accordance with guidelines set forth in the National Fire Protection Association’s most recent edition of NFPA 54: National Fuel Gas Code, as incorporated and made a part of subsection (B) above.

(Ord. No. 14-1445)