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Public Safety - Addendum "A"






          The purpose of the police cadet program is to introduce young men and women to the field of law enforcement.  Each cadet will be trained in the laws from the federal to the local ordinances.  Each cadet will be trained in the use of the police radio and all other police equipment.  They will learn how to obtain the information needed for a police report or an accident report.

          The cadets will be tested at regular intervals using the same guidelines used by PTI.  There will be a written test, as well as a physical test given.  The cadets will be told in advance of the physical test, allowing them enough time to prepare.  Any cadet having trouble will be helped to allow him or her to have an equal chance to become a police officer.  Each cadet will be evaluated every three months to show progress, or the lack of.

          Before any cadet can go to the PTI he/she must have had good evaluations, passed the test given, and be approved by the Mayor and the police board.  Each cadet who is sent to the PTI training must sign an agreement to work for the Village of Westville for a period of two years after completion of their training.

          The following rules will be used for the training period:

          1.       Cadets will ride with the full time officers except in cases where they can only ride on weekends.  They will then only be allowed to work with the most experienced officers.

          2.       Cadets must have permission to come in and ride.

          3.       Cadets must follow the same rules as the officers do.

          4.       Cadets will have to train for a year before being considered for PTI.

          5.       Cadets will have to work ball games, parades, and any other function where help is needed.

          6.       Cadets maintain a professional appearance while working for the Village.