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Motor Vehicle Schedule






          In accordance with the provisions of Section 24-3-3, the following are hereby designated as stop streets, to-wit:


THROUGH STREET                                       STOP STREET (DIRECTION)             


State St.                                                         All Intersecting Streets


Bridgett St.                                                     Pennsylvania Ave. (East Bd.)


Clark St.                                                          Scott St. (Both)

Clark St.                                                          West St. (Both)


Cook St.                                                          Jules St. (East Bd.)

Cook St.                                                          McKinnley St. (West Bd.)

Cook St.                                                          North St. (West Bd.)

Cook St.                                                          Vaught St. (West Bd.)

Cook St.                                                          Williams St. (West Bd.)


Delaware Ave.                                                Dowiatt St. (South Bd.)

Delaware Ave.                                                Mullen St. (South Bd.)


Ellsworth St.                                                    Scott St. (North Bd.)

Ellsworth St.                                                    West St. (Both)


Elm St.                                                            Coral Dr. (West Bd.)


English St.                                                       Connecticut Ave. (East Bd.)

English St.                                                       Wisconsin Ave. (East Bd.)


Hickman St.                                                    Sunset St. (South Bd.)


Illinois Ave.                                                     Bridgett St. (Both)


Indiana Ave.                                                   Bridgett St. (Both)


E. Iowa Ave.                                                   Alley East of State St. (South Bd.)


Jules St.                                                          Scott St. (Both)

Jules St.                                                          West St. (South Bd.)


THROUGH STREET                                       STOP STREET (DIRECTION)             


Kelley Ave.                                                      Church St. (North Bd.)

Kelley Ave.                                                      Country Ln. (South Bd.)

Kelley Ave.                                                      Danville St. (South Bd.)

Kelley Ave.                                                      Franklin St. (North Bd.)

Kelley Ave.                                                      Urbana Dr. (South Bd.)

Kelley Ave.                                                      Woods St. (North Bd.)

Kentucky Ave.                                                 English St. (Both)


Madison St.                                                     Short St. (East Bd.)


Main St.                                                          Adams St. (South Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Bowman Ave. (South Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Bridgett St. (South Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Brooks St. (North Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Cook St. (South Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Jefferson St. (South Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Nichols St. (North Bd.)

Main St.                                                          Ranch St. (Both)

Main St.                                                          Scott St. (Both)

Main St.                                                          Washington St. (Both)

Main St.                                                          West St. (North Bd.)


Maple St.                                                        Elm St. (South Bd.)

Maple St.                                                        Pine St. (South Bd.)


McKinnley St.                                                            Scott St. (Both)

McKinnley St.                                                            West St. (Both)


Michigan Ave.                                                  English St. (Both)


Moore St.                                                        Scott St. (Both)

Moore St.                                                        West St. (Both)


Moses St.                                                        Jefferson St. (North Bd.)

Moses St.                                                        Knight Ln. (South Bd.)

Moses St.                                                        Murray Dr. (South Bd.)


No Name St.                                                   Kentucky Ave. (East Bd.)


Ohio Ave.                                                        Bridgett St. (Both)


Park St.                                                           Elm St. (South Bd.)

Park St.                                                           Pine St. (Both)


THROUGH STREET                                       STOP STREET (DIRECTION)             


Railroad St.                                                     Jules St. (West Bd.)

Railroad St.                                                      Moore St. (West Bd.)

Railroad St.                                                      Victor St. (West Bd.)

Ranch St.                                                        Mack St. (West Bd.)


Scott St.                                                          Veterans Dr. (West Bd.)

Short St.                                                          Adams St. (Both)

Short St.                                                          Alley East of West St. (North Bd.)

Short St.                                                          Bowman Ave. (North Bd.)

Short St.                                                          Short St. (Both)

Short St.                                                          West St. (Both)

South St.                                                         Scott St. (Both)

South St.                                                         West St. (Both)


Urban Dr.                                                        Kennedy St. (North Bd.)

Urban Dr.                                                        Locust St. (North Bd.)

Urbana St.                                                       Oak St. (West Bd.)


Veterans Dr.                                                     West St. (South Bd.)

Victor St.                                                         Scott St. (Both)

Victor St.                                                         West St. (Both)

Virginia Ave.                                                     English St. (North Bd.)


Walnut St.                                                       Delaware Ave. (East Bd.)

Walnut St.                                                       Solomon Ave. (Both)

Williams St.                                                      Adams St. (North Bd.)

Williams St.                                                      Jefferson St. (Both)

Williams St.                                                      Madison St. (South Bd.)

Williams St.                                                      Scott St. (Both)

Williams St.                                                      Washington St. (North Bd.)

Williams St.                                                      West St. (Both)




C.E.E.I. St. (East Bd.)                              at       Walnut St. (North Bd.)

Clark St. (West Bd.)                                 at       Railroad St. (North Bd.)

Country Ln. (North Bd.)                           at       Oak St. (East Bd.)

Franklin St. (South Bd.)                           at       Urban Dr. (West Bd.)

Moore St. (West Bd.)                               at       Cook St. (Both)

Virginia Ave. (East Bd.)                            at       No Name St. (Both)




Solomon Ave.                                         at       Bridgett St.

Victor St.                                               at       West St.







          In accordance with the provisions of Section 24-6-3(C) the following are hereby designated as “No Parking” streets; to-wit:


STREET (SIDE)                                             LOCATION                                          


Ill. Rte. #1 (Both)                                 From   North Village limits to South Village limits (#1293)









          In accordance with the provisions of Section 24-8-1 et seq. the following are hereby designated as “Load Limit” streets; to-wit:


STREETS                                                       LOCATION - LIMITS                          


All Streets                                                       6 tons (except State Highway) (#1243)


All Streets                                                       No parking 4 tons (except State Highway) (#1243)









          In accordance with the provisions of Section 24-8-1 et seq. the following alleys are hereby designated as five (5) ton alley load limits; to-wit:


ALLEY                                                            LOCATION                                          


All Alleys                                                         In Village Limits (#1338)






          In accordance with the provisions of Section 24-6-10 the following streets are designated as “Snow Routes” to-wit:


STREET                                                         LOCATION                                          


W. Main St.                                           From   The Square to the CSX Railroad

E. Main St.                                            From   The Square to the former right-of-way of the C&EI Railroad

(Ord. No. 1311-99)